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Juniper Katz

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Assistant Professor of Public Policy


636 Thompson Hall

Juniper Katz is an assistant professor in the School of Public Policy. She holds a PhD from the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs, where her thesis, “The Effect of Policy Implementation on Public Values,” received the Best Dissertation Award for 2019-20. Katz has a MS in resource management and administration from Antioch University New England.

Her research interests include environmental policy, policy process, new public governance, and nonprofit management. Her research focuses on the effects of policy implementation on citizens and nonprofits. She also researches nonprofit financial management. She has published in journals including the Review of Policy Research and the Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning.

Prior to joining UMass, Katz was an executive director of a land trust in Colorado and a program manager and land protection fellow at the nonprofit Colorado Open Lands. In those roles, she raised more than $5 million and led the protection of 49,000 acres of land and habitat across the state. She has also served as a data analysis consultant for the Land Trust Alliance in Washington, DC.

Research interests: 

environmental policy, policy process, new public governance, nonprofit management