The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Luke Mastrangeli

headshot of Luke Mastrangeli
Career Specialist and Counselor
Goodwin University

Degree & graduation year: MPPA/MEd, May 2021

What I do: Work with current students and alumni to engage with them about career education and development. From resume reviews to conversations surrounding value and self-worth, I provide individualized support for the Goodwin community. Additionally, I work specifically with our School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing to connect students and alumni with career development resources and specialized counseling.

How I ended up working there: Applying to jobs within higher education that allowed me to utilize the content from both degrees. While it is different from UMass, it certainly prepared me well.

The best part of my job: Seeing students develop confidence about their past experiences, value themselves, and overcome “impostor syndrome.”

A recent exciting work experience: Working with my supervisor and other departments on-campus to create specialized resources for students who identify as neurodivergent and who may need additional support in various areas of the career development process.

How the School of Public Policy prepared me for my career: Classes like Public Management, Policy Analysis, and other courses that were transferable across the spectrum of education. Specifically, the MPPA classes have given me tools necessary to work with complex employers and organizations to be able to connect them with students looking for new opportunities, but also to encourage employers to create inclusive and welcoming environments for historically marginalized groups of students.

Advice to students considering a degree in public policy: Do not let the idea of public policy limit your career goals. Just because something does not include working with politicians directly or working in government, there is so much you can do with the degree and skills developed through the program. Take the courses you want and do not be afraid to advocate for yourself! This is your education— we need movers and shakers in this world.

Future plans: Continue working in career development and pursue a terminal degree in education or industrial-organizational psychology. Additionally, I know that I want to continue to work in a college environment given the growth (personally and professionally) that exists.