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Vickery Op-ed Encourages Plants to "Burn gas, not coal"

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CPPA graduate student Peter Vickery coauthored an op-ed in the Daily Hampshire Gazette this week encouraging the local Mount Tom coal plant to shift its focus to gas.

"Tighter regulations and rising prices are pushing power companies away from coal, so almost every week somewhere in America a coal-plant is shutting down. If the company that owns Mount Tom (GDF Suez) follows the national trend, the plant’s days may be numbered. Because of the damage coal does to children’s lungs and the impact it has on the climate, some people might rejoice. But we would certainly not be among them, much as we want to see a speedy transition from coal to cleaner energy. Why not? Because in addition to electricity, Mount Tom generates some real and much-needed benefits for Holyoke, benefits like jobs and taxes."

The type of activism embodied in Vickery's op-ed is common among CPPA students. Indeed, the Center seeks to "connect ideas with action" and offers coursework and research opportunities to inform pressing issues in public administration and public policy. More information about CPPA's degree and research programs is available here. To read Vickery's complete argument, click here.

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