The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Undergraduates research Title IX college athletics, transgender inclusion, and policy opinion

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Three undergraduate students–Caroline Boyle (‘25), Gabby Bilong (‘26), and Caroline Breen (‘26)–have teamed up with Associate Professor Libby Sharrow this summer to examine Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, college athletics, transgender inclusion, and policy opinion.

Breen, an avid collegiate sports fan and Manager for UMass Amherst Women’s Basketball, explained what drew her to the project. She shared, “Although the implementation of Title IX has set women sports on the path to equality, issues persist even with the policy and sometimes because of it. I wanted to hear personal feedback from athletes and how the policy is relevant to them.” In collecting data about student athletes for the project, Breen has grown skills in data organization and management while also taking pride in how many athletes from her hometown appear on rosters nationwide.

Bilong, a member of the UMass Amherst Division I Track and Field Team, was also drawn to the project due to her passion for collegiate sports. Asked the most interesting thing she had discovered so far through her research, Bilong shared, “I have learned how versatile athletics can be outside of my own perspective with UMass Athletics. Seeing how widespread athletics can be is truly eye opening and exciting for the future.” Further, Bilong has appreciated the focus on inclusivity in this research project, noting, “As a student athlete, my team and other athletic teams at UMass prioritize inclusion and unity. Knowing that I am able to assist Professor Sharrow in emulating the same is so valuable and enriching.”

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