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UMass Public Affairs Programs Meet to Discuss Collaboration Possibilities

Group photo of Thomas Piñeros-Shields, Nikolay Anguelov, Michael Goodman, Satu Zoller, David Cash, Chad McGuire, Michael Johnson, Alasdair Roberts

Leaders from the public affairs programs at the four University of Massachusetts campuses recently convened to discuss opportunities for collaboration and connection among students and faculty across the system.

The March 29 meeting, held at the UMass Club in Boston, included:

  • Director Alasdair Roberts and Associate Director Satu Zoller of the UMass Amherst School of Public Policy
  • Dean David Cash and Michael Johnson, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs of the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies at UMass Boston
  • Michael Goodman, professor and executive director of the Public Policy Center; Chad McGuire, associate professor and department chair of public policy; and Nikolay Anguelov, assistant professor of public policy at UMass Dartmouth
  • Thomas Piñeros-Shields, director of the Public Administration Program, and Jason Carter, faculty member and interdisciplinary programs coordinator at UMass Lowell

The representatives discussed ways to make it easier for students to access courses and other resources at all four programs, as well as ways to connect faculty across campuses. They also spoke about plans for jointly publicizing programs, research, projects, and news from the four schools.

“There are many exciting things happening at each of the UMass public affairs programs,” said Roberts of UMass Amherst. “We're interested in finding ways to connect faculty, allow students to benefit from opportunities across the UMass system, and share news about our work with the broader community.”

“It is great to see the programs from the campuses coming together in a complimentary fashion,” said UMass Dartmouth’s McGuire. “This collaborative effort will undoubtedly lead to more opportunities for students and faculty, drawing on the strengths from each campus.”

“The diversity that the four campuses offer in areas of public policy and public administration is astounding,” said Cash of UMass Boston. “The more we collaborate, the more we can leverage that expertise to benefit our students, faculty, research centers, and our ultimate constituent, the Commonwealth.”

“Our campuses are part of the public foundation for building a future generation of public leaders in Massachusetts,” added Piñeros-Shields of UMass Lowell. “I am excited about this collaborative initiative among our campuses to promote civic leadership in the Commonwealth.”

Photo: Thomas Piñeros-Shields, Nikolay Anguelov, Michael Goodman, Satu Zoller, David Cash, Chad McGuire, Michael Johnson, Alasdair Roberts

About the School of Public Policy: Established in 2016, the UMass Amherst School of Public Policy is a hub for research and teaching, preparing students for leadership in public service. The program’s focuses include social change and public policy related to science and technology.

— Maureen Turner, communications manager, School of Public Policy 

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