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Decide on a Career

Photo of School of Public Policy Students at a Welcome Event

Where will your journey take you? 

Very few students come to college with everything completely figured out. Even those who do, may find that their interests shift during college or sometime during their long career journey. That's okay. It's normal. We use the word journey because discovering your passion, for most, takes time. It's rarely a linear path. That said, every internship, job, volunteer opportunity, class, and extracurricular activity will give you more insight into who you are and what you want from a career. Moreover, as you pursue these out-of-class activities, you will be building up skills and experiences to help you to land your dream job or internship. 

Learn more about pathways through internships

Internships in fields of interest offer a wealth of information, helping you to explore potential roles through hands on experiences. Check out our page devoted to internship, job, and fellowship opportunities

Explore your passions through service

Volunteering in your community, even just 1-2 hours per week, provides an opportunity to discover or pursue your passions, gain skills that you can display on your resume or share in an interview, and foster a deeper understanding of what you're seeking in a career. On top of this, you can grow your network and potentially gain a reference for future job pursuits. Moreover, if you pick the right spot, it will be a fun and refreshing break from studying. Check out opportunities to volunteer near UMass Amherst.

Get involved on campus

Getting involved on campus is important for building skills in leadership, team work, and cultural competency. Additionally, it's a way to learn more about yourself and your passions. Start slowly—join a club or two. As you advance in your academic career, more options (RA, TA, Peer Mentor, Peer Advisor, etc.) will become available. In your first year, focus on building a foundation to which you can add to as you get comfortable balancing academics with other commitments.