The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Careers & Internships

At the UMass Amherst School of Public Policy, students graduate uniquely prepared for the professional opportunities ahead of them, in government, the nonprofit world, NGOs, or the private sector. 

Shantel Palacio

“Every time I walk into a public school, I’m reminded that I took this job to support schools in low-income communities like the one I grew up in.”

Shantel Palacio

Administrative Education Officer with the NYC Department of Education

Master of Public Policy and Administration 2011

Our curriculum balances academic theory with professional skills development and practical experience, preparing our students go on to become leaders in public service. The program includes:

  • Professional Development Opportunities: Including networking trips to Washington, Boston, New York, and across western Massachusetts; a professional development seminar; and career services support
  • Internships: A key component of the School of Public Policy's program, allowing students to pursue their individual interests in depth while gaining invaluable professional experience
  • Career and Internship Resources: SPP's professional network and biweekly Job Bulletin connect students and alumni with the latest opportunities