Recent Internships

University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) student Danielle Corrado

Danielle Corrado (MPPA) interned with the International Food Information Council (IFIC), in Washington, DC, during summer 2017. IFIC describes it's mission on its website as "effectively communicating science-based information on health, nutrition and food safety for the public good."

University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) student Ghida El-Banna

Ghida El-Banna (MPP) spent summer 2017 as an intern at Truth in Accounting, a nonprofit that produces work “encouraging public entities to produce financial reports that are comprehensive, clear, and transparent; and informing the public of the importance of truthful accounting”.

Internship Requirements

All SPP graduate students are expected to complete a policy or administration internship of at least 35 hours a week for 10 weeks or the equivalent. The internship must employ some of the skills the student has already learned at SPP and be relevant to his or her intended career path. Students must submit a completed internship contract before the start of the internship. After completing the internship, both students and supervisors must complete an evaluation.  

Internship Waivers:

Students may petition to waive the internship requirement if they can document substantial professional experience in their field of interest.  To be eligible to waive your internship, you must have a post-undergraduate, professional level experience of one year or more that is related to your field of study and career goals. To apply for a waiver fill out the Internship Waiver Form with requisite documentation.

Internship Forms:

All required internship forms are located below. The intern's evaluation form can be filled out electronically but is also available as a downloadable PDF.