The University of Massachusetts Amherst

MPPA/MEd Dual Degree FAQs

The MEd in higher education is for people who are interested in pursuing careers as administrators, faculty, researchers, policy analysts, and student personnel professionals in colleges, universities, and state or federal agencies devoted to post-secondary education.

Graduates of the program go on to research, policy analysis, and management positions on the local, state, or federal government levels; at consulting organizations; at education research groups; at nonprofit organizations working on education issues; and in higher education settings.

Yes, as long as you have approval and complete the requirements of both programs.

Yes. Complete a course waiver form and have it approved by the appropriate department.

Independent study is accepted at the School of Public Policy. The credits will most likely be counted as electives. Students interested in independent study need to find a faculty member to work with, then complete an independent study proposal form and return it to the SPP office.

You may start with either program. You should meet with advisors at both programs to determine where you would like to begin. Typically, students take a full year of classes at one program, then do the same at the other, and complete any remaining requirements in their third year.

Yes, as long as you have completed all of the requirements for the program you choose to graduate from. Notify both of the programs of your decision as soon as possible.