The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Certificates

UMass Amherst offers several graduate certificates, which students in the Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) program may pursue while working toward their degree. Historically, MPPA students have been interested in earning a graduate-level certificate in the following areas:

  • Advanced feminist studies: This independent interdisciplinary program is designed to broaden and enrich disciplinary scholarship for students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree granting program. The purpose of the certificate is to enable students interested in feminist scholarship to pursue a coherent, integrated curriculum in the field and to credential them as knowledgeable in Feminist Studies, thus qualifying them for positions requiring such expertise.
  • Latin American, Caribbean and Latino studies: The Latin American Studies Program offers an inter-disciplinary Graduate Certificate in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies. It encourages graduate students to enhance their professional development by taking courses outside their discipline which contribute to training in internationalism, multiculturalism and foreign language competence.