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Public Policy & Public Health

The MPPA/MPH program equips students with the skills to conduct effective health policy analysis, understand organizational processes within the health sector, develop policy-based approaches to address public health issues, and translate complex public health policies for a lay audience.

Students may begin their studies in either program. It is best to complete a full year in one program before beginning the second program. Students fulfill the core requirements of the other program during the second year, then fulfill the remaining requirements of both programs in the third year.

In addition to the course requirements, the School of Public Policy requires students to complete a full-time ten-week internship with a public policy or management focus, and MPH students are required to complete a practicum experience. With the approval of both programs, dual-degree students may complete their internship and practicum experiences simultaneously.

Sample Program Timetable

Fall Spring Summer  
Year 1 MPH curriculum MPH curriculum Supervised public health field training internship of 200 hours
Year 2 MPPA curriculum MPPA curriculum MPPA summer internship (ten weeks, full time)
Year 3 MPPA curriculum MPPA capstone and MPH curriculum  

To Apply

While applicants must meet both the School of Public Health & Health Sciences' and the School of Public Policy's admission standards, they only need to submit one application to the Graduate Admissions Office. Students already enrolled in one of the programs can apply to the other program during their first year to matriculate as a dual-degree MPPA/MPH candidate.

Deadline: February 1

For More Information

Michael Marr
Recruitment and Admissions Manager
School of Public Policy
(413) 577-2396

UMass SPHHS Graduate Admissions