Recent Internships

University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) alum Michael Havlin

Michael Havlin (MPPA ‘16) met many professional contacts through his summer internship. Havlin spent the first part of the summer as a policy and events consultant for Joe Baldacci, a city councilor in Bangor, Maine. "I combined my previous experiences and expanded my professional network,” Havlin says. “I worked with policy and political professionals that I would one day like to work for, like the Maine Center for Economic Policy, the Maine AFL-CIO and the Maine People’s Alliance. I feel like I’m in a good position to find a career after graduation."

University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) alum Kelsey Barowich

Kelsey Barowich (MPP '16)  was an intern at the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC), a nonpartisan nonprofit that aims to get more women elected and appointed to local, state and federal political office. “You might not be writing or voting on policy, but without an organization like MWPC there would be a lot missing from our political system here in Massachusetts," Barowich said.


Internships are a key component of the master's program curriculum, and SPP students participate in internships across the globe, gaining practical experience in policy analysis, evaluation, public administration, and management at all levels of government and in public and nonprofit sectors.

Recent internship placements include:

Nonprofit Organizations and Research Institutes

International Affairs 


Federal, U.S.

State, U.S.

Local Government, U.S.

Private Sector, U.S.