The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Electives by Category


Course Number Course Title Elective Category
597N Communication for Nonprofits Management
697FB Federal Budgeting Management
697NL Nonprofit Law and Management Management
697NE Negotiations Management
697S Social & Environmental Enterprises Management
697XX Budgeting & Financial Management Management
697CP Communication Campaigns Management
697J Organizational Theory & Design Management
697NP Nonprofit Program Management Management
604 Policy & Program Evaluation Methods
636 Qualitative Research Methods Methods
697B Intro to Geographic Information Systems Methods
606 Applied Public Sector Economics Methods
597B Unmanned Aerial Systems Policy
650 U. S. Education Policy Policy
697EV Environmental Policy Policy
622 Ethics Policy/Management
651 Social Inequalities, Technology & Public Policy Policy
656 Topics in Urban & Housing Policy Policy
697LD Legislative Drafting Policy
597GP Internet Governance & Information Policy Policy
697DE Policy Implementation & Design Policy
697EP Environmental Policy Policy
697CW Comparative Welfare States Policy
697HP Health Policy Policy
697SM Social Movements Policy