The University of Massachusetts Amherst


Kathy Colon
Kathy Colon
Office Manager
232 Thompson Hall
(413) 545-3956
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Katy Maher
Associate Director for Administration and Finance
228 Thompson Hall
(413) 577-0239
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Marcie Muehlke
Special Projects Manager
234 Thompson Hall
(413) 545-3940
headshot of Al Roberts 2018
Alasdair Roberts
Professor and Director
School of Public Policy
226 Thompson Hall
(617) 599-9029
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Maureen Turner
Communications Manager
222 Thompson Hall
(413) 545-3976
University of Massachusetts School of Public Policy (SPP) Associate Director Satu Zoller
Satu Zoller
Associate Director for Academic Programs
234 Thompson Hall
(413) 545-2714