Celebrating the Class of 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Dean Anna Maria Siega-Riz leads faculty and staff from across the School of Public Health and Health Sciences in congratulating the graduating class of 2020.

A Special Tribute to Our Graduating Class of 2020

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences celebrates its students from the graduating class of 2020.

Virtual Celebrations Across Campus

2020 UMass Commencement Celebration

The university's culminating virtual event honoring the achievement of this year’s graduating class will be available on Friday, May 8, at 4:30 p.m. Graduates are encouraged to wear their caps and gowns or their favorite UMass gear and to post photos and videos using #UMassTogether and #UMass2020.

Graduate School Celebration 

The Graduate School’s Commencement 2020 program will be available online. Dean Krauthamer, Associate Dean Beth Jakob, Assistant Dean Funmi Ayobami and the leaders of the Office of Professional Development will host a live drop-in room for graduating students who wish to say hello.

From Our Departments:

Communication Disorders: Graduates, check your email for a special message from the department. 

Health Promotion and Policy: The department held a special virtual commencement celebration for its graduates.

Kinesiology: View a special slideshow celebration, and join the department live via Zoom at 3:30pm (undergraduates) or at 5:00pm (graduate students) for a special virtual celebration. Contact your faculty or academic advisor for more details.

Nutrition: Watch a special message from undergraduate program director Claire Norton, and join the department live via Zoom at 11:00am (undergraduates) or at 12:15pm (graduate students) for a special virtual celebration. Contact your faculty or academic advisor for more details.

Public Health Sciences: Watch a special Public Health Sciences Senior Celebration video featuring undergraduate program director Gloria DiFulvio, academic advisor Brigid Williams, and more.

Online Program for the School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Welcome Message

Undergraduate Class of 2020

Communication Disorders - Undergraduate
Kinesiology - Undergraduate
Nutrition - Undergraduate
Public Health Sciences - Undergraduate

Graduate Class of 2020

Biostatistics & Epidemiology - Graduate
Communication Disorders - Graduate
Environmental Health Sciences - Graduate
Health Promotion and Policy - Graduate
Kinesiology - Graduate
Nutrition - Graduate
Professional Programs - Graduate

Welcome Message

Dear Graduate,

On behalf of the School of Public Health and Health Sciences (SPHHS), we extend our warm and exuberant congratulations for having completed your degree at UMass Amherst! You made it, despite the many trials and tribulations of the last few years, including the unprecedented disruptions caused by COVID-19.

You have made the most important contribution to your life-long success: an investment in your education. A degree from the SPHHS opens the door to many career opportunities; the importance of a strong public health and health science workforce has never been clearer than it is now during this current pandemic. Whatever you feel within you as your calling—know in your heart that this excitement is all the proof you need to have your inner passion become reality. This is a time of great courage, hope, creativity and resilience. We have provided you with the knowledge and skillset to make a difference in our society, and you have made new discoveries about yourself along the way —all of which will contribute to your ability to rise and meet the challenges our world is facing today.

Throughout your years at UMass Amherst, you have given back to your department, school, and university through your participation in course discussions, community engagement projects, sports, research projects, and relationships with individual faculty and staff. We are very proud of your accomplishments, and we have learned from you just as much as you have learned from us. We thank you for having made the choice of attending this amazing institution you will forever call your alma mater.

Graduation is a time that stirs within us many mixed emotions. Happiness that we made it, fearfulness of what is to come next, sadness that we won’t be with our friends, and hopefulness that this is the start of something grand. Acknowledge these emotions, share them with others, but don’t let them stop you from taking the next step. For if anything, you have proven to yourself during these last four years is that with determination, hard work, and support from family and friends, one can and will accomplish amazing things.

And lastly, welcome to the community of UMass alumni! GO UMASS!


Anna Maria Siega-Riz, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor

Daniel Gerber, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Christopher Greenfield, M.B.A.
Associate Dean for Administration & Finance

Susan Hankinson, Sc.D.
Associate Dean for Research

Nathaniel Whitmal III, Ph.D.
Director of Diversity Advancement, School of Public Health & Health Sciences

Lisa Chasan-Taber, Sc.D.
Chair, Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Sarah Poissant, Ph.D.
Acting Chair, Department of Communication Disorders

Timothy Ford, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson, Sc.D.
Chair, Department of Health Promotion & Policy

Jane Kent, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Kinesiology

Elena T. Carbone, Dr.P.H
Chair, Department of Nutrition

Undergraduate Class of 2020

Graduate lists are based on information supplied and confirmed by the Registrar’s Office in April prior to publication. It has been carefully reviewed, but given the evolving status of many prospective graduates, including those who select to petition to walk early and for those whose primary major is outside the SPHHS, mistakes and omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being or not being listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

Denotes Commonwealth Honors College Graduate

Communication Disorders

Kelsey Jeanne Akin  
Hannah Rose Alongi  
Meaghan Colleen Bernard  
Jessica Lynn Bodish  
Rebecca J. Brunelle  
Claudia Marisa Buruca  
Ada Marina Centeno  
Holly Charette
Emily Elizabeth Chase  
Allison Chen  
Carmen Chen  
Elise Michele Cimino  
Renée Marie Clark  
Kathleen Margaret Cleary  
Lily Clemente
Jenna Clare Colorusso  
Rachel Sarah Combs  
Bridget Carey Daoust  
Julia Dehullu  
Margaret Elizabeth Donaghey  
Hannah Rose Duffy ‡ 
Rachel Elizabeth Dziedzic  
Emily Ann Gardner  
Katherine Elizabeth Garrity  
Margaret Elizabeth Gehm ‡ 
Maria Grace Girardin ‡ 
Sharon Michele Gruboy  
Lauren Elizabeth Hehn  
Sarajane May Hersey  
Eryn Elizabeth Horan  
Lauren Hourican ‡ 
Andrea Marie Jernigan  
Natalie Rose Kenny  
Shannon Catherine Knight  
Celene Marie Koperek  
Maria Levit  
Myranda Marotta  
Peter James McCann  
Katherine Ann McCormack  
Chelsea Jordan Meiring  
Kristina Lee Mello  
Kathryn Sullivan Nicholas  
Jillian Marie Nichols  
Michaelah Noelle Nunes  
Marina Jean Perrone  
Eric Joseph Pinos  
Meaghan Ashley Rennick  
Taylor Marie Riddle  
Danielle Christine Roder  
Deanna Corinne Serra  
Julia Serra  
Khizar Shaikh  
Taylor Aran Sheridan
Frank Austin Sigismondo  
Taylor Simpson Reed  
Brianna Hope Stanley
Rachel Marie Stephens  
Sofia Rose Stratford  
Emily Marie Trapani  
Colleen Bridget Ward ‡ 
Jessica Lynn Wyman  
Tahlee Sylvia Yichye


Matthew Francis Adolph ‡ 
Richard Adu Amoako  
Lea Angelo  
Kayla Antonellis  
Jake Amarnor Ayisi  
Briana Baker  
Kaitlyn O'Brien Barry  
Robert Kimbell Bayha  
Taylor Ann Beane  
Taya Alexis Berler  
Garrett Brandon Berman  
William Michael Bertheaud  
Leah Berthiaume  
Kayla Janice Blair  
Nehemiah Enue Brent  
Natalie Anna Bullock  
Ashlyn Dell Butkowski  
Sabyl Jade Carchietta  
Logan Thomas Chaet  
Alex Lor Chea  
Andy Chen  
Troy Vincent Ciarametaro  
Meghan Elise Clancy  
John Leonard Clark IV
Meghan Rose Collins  
Julia Rose Cremin  
James Michael Curtin  
Victoria D'Agati  
Zeqing Dai  
George Damaa  
Jason Darcy  
Gabriella Nicole DeLuca  
Harris John Demello ‡ 
Taylor Jade Derubeis ‡ 
Ryan Dimattia  
Gabrielle Anne Diorio  
Christine Donovan  
Emily Patricia Donovan ‡ 
Zachary Charles Dumas  
Isabella Ryli Dunham  
Christian Sebastien Duplan  
Andrew Edwards  
Nurayn Hayati Faris  
Matthew Joseph Feeley  
Alina Melissa Fischer Medina  
Erin Kathleen Flannery  
Thomas Edward Flynn  
Kaitlyn Elizabeth Fotino  
Christine Marie Frechette  
Marcel Gabbett  
Timothy Gaffney  
Kayla Mari Gaidos  
Michaelangelo Joseph Gerardi  
Charlie Ann Gillon  
Polina Gomer  
Hayden Gray  
Mia Isabel Gremo  
Pratik Gurung  
Alexander Konstantinovich Gut  
Dale Robert Haavind-Berman  
David Gonzaga Halvorsen  
Nolan Patrick Hardiman  
Alina Grace Hernandez  
Ashley Hickey  
Toni Christina Hill ‡ 
Yeun Hiroi  
Joseph David Howard  
Basema Alicia Hussein  
Daniel Alan Infiorati  
Courtney Lucille Jacaruso  
Marissa Roya Jacobia ‡ 
Tannor B. Johnson  
Travis Frank Johnston ‡ 
Malik Kaba  
Kiertana Kannan ‡ 
Alexa Westlin Keating  
Megan Kelly ‡ 
Tara Khalil  
Amanda Marie Kim  
Ashley Kim  
Haley Flynn King  
Jacob Paul Kleis  
Marcus George Kohnstam  
John Joseph Kossuth Jr.
Helen Lam  
Devon Brianna LaMachia  
Robert Matthew Lannon  
Tien Phu Minh Le  
Adam Mitchell Lee  
Andrew Choi Lee  
Emmanuelle Lee  
Hailey Jane Nicole Leidel  
Simone Centeio Leite  
Jingbo Li  
Yixin Li  
Lauren Alexandra Limone  
Angelia Marie Littig  
Brigid Mary Loftus  
Brendan Timothy Logan  
Alan Ding Lu  
Wonser Selon Mahn  
Natalie Jeanne Maidment  
Brianna Lyn Malaguti ‡ 
Todd Maniscalchi  
Emily Jane Martin  
Ronald Anthony Martin  
Devin Stephen McManaway  
Marni Noel McManus  
Jankol Medina German  
Alexandra Miller ‡ 
John Alden Miller  
Cameron James Moran  
Gabriela Elena Moreno-King  
Marisa Eleanor Mulvey ‡ 
Peter James Murphy 
Emily Marie Murray  
Cindy Thi Nguyen  
Quynh-Chi Nguyen  
Erin McKayla O'Connell  
Irueosa Osadayi Ohanmu
Caroline Grace O'Leary 
Melanie Hannah Olinsky  
Olivia Onorato  
Gregory Oreste  
Alessa-Marie Lopez Padilla  
Kendall Alice Paolella  
Sarah Park  
Katelyn Margaret Pennell  
Sophia Laskaris Perkins  
Lena Edith Pfeifenberger  
Kristyn Popowski  
Karl Preza  
Eva Jiawen Qiu ‡ 
Kyle T. Quach  
Dana Rapp  
Samuel Bernhard Reismann  
Sabrina Kirsten Reppert  
Evan Joseph Richard  
Paige Faith Richmond  
Christian Michael Rieck  
Justin Saks  
Jose Sanchez Gil  
Nilabhra Sarangi ‡ 
Liam Patrick Scanlon  
Jillian Nicole Schlegel  
David Paul Schottler  
Alexander Robert Schultz  
Julia Helene Schutte  
Kayla Jenette Serowik  
Trevor Shea  
Madison Ann Sherman  
Nicholas Andrew Sian  
Anna D. Soles  
Karl Andrew St. Phard  
Michael Sullivan  
Megan Elizabeth Sweet  
Alexandria Elizabeth Swienton  
Jia Ming Tan  
Courtney Teehan  
Olivia Rachel Terlizzi  
Bridget Anne Towle  
Austin Winslow Tryder  
Daniela S. Vasquez  
Megan Amanda Veroneau  
Anthony Jacob Videtto  
Brian Wahle  
Bryanna Rose Walker  
Zicong Wang  
Rachel Chava Weisman  
Ashley Nicole Weisser  
Megan Nicole Wentworth  
Mackenzie Werenski  
Juliana Rae White  
Mary Catherine Zeng  
Hannah Rose Zibold  
Danielle Marie Zoppo 



Catherine Alexandra Amado-Gonzalez  
Marina Araujo  
Nazaire Maxwell Arcand  
Taylor Ann Beane 
Abigail V. Blishchik  
Audrey Irene Calianos  
Nicolet Alexis Chapman  
Joanna Chen  
Sushan Chen  
Michaela Lauren Ciulla ‡ 
Kayla Eileen Clarke ‡ 
Caleigh Rose Collamer  
Regina Lynn Collari ‡ 
Caroline Olivia Collins  
Aidan Chas Connelly  
Kristen Nicole Denson  
Kaylie Marie Doherty  
Kathryn Marie Doyle  
Kelsey Rose Dunn  
Emily A. Eckman  
Julianna Edwards  
Jacqueline Ferrero  
Kristine Elizabeth Flanagan  
Celina Caron Fonseca  
Bridget Elizabeth Forth  
Alivia Rachelle Galipeau  
Irene Gao  
Alison Grace Germagian  
Amy L. Greika  
Yitong He  
Kewei Huang  
Jennifer Sarah Kallin  
Sarah Therese Kozlowski  
Erica R. Langevin  
Yixin Li  
Yi Lin  
Ally Elisabeth Littlefield  
Yining Liu  
Brendan Timothy Logan  
Anitha Machupalli  
Lauren Elizabeth Mahoney  
Merissa Rose Mills  
Katherine Vigeant Mitchell ‡ 
Grace Ann Mooshian  
Laney Morse  
Kelly Marie Noone  
Drew O'Donnell  
Shannon O'Neil  
Nicole Parsons  
Natalia Denise Perez  
Junnan Qi  
Taylor Alexis Sa  
Julia Ann Savastano
Dylan Domenic Tobin
Rachel Tran ‡ 
Tatiana Ivana Valdez  
Sophie Marie Walton  
Jingwei Yang  
Yecheng Yang  
Daniella Marie Zagame  
Jessica Zalucki  
Stephanie Zeng  
Huike Zhang 

Public Health Sciences

Danny Abraha  
Christine Abraham  
Patrick Thomas Acer ‡ 
Emily Achuck  
Kevin Adjei  
Niha Ahmad
Bradford Michael Aldrich  
Yarangelis Saned Altun  
Lillian Grace Alvino  
Ania Marnlie Amedee  
Allison Hope Anderson
Daniel Apotheker  
Emmy Bellanid Argueta Mendoza  
Catalina Maria Arredondo  
Kylene Forinash Aziz  
Rebecca Bahnam  
Olivia Marie Barrett  
Haruna Bature  
Colleen Beatriz ‡ 
Ashley Bellevue  
Francheska Angeli Bermudez  
Dadrian Bernard  
Lizlye Bertolini  
Aanalben Jitendra Bhavsar  
Madison Anne Billingsley ‡ 
Emily Blair  
Farrah S. Blanca  
Kathryn Elizabeth Blask  
Natalie Blazina  
Yotam Block  
Taylor Ruth Blow ‡ 
Ashley Elizabeth Boger  
Emma Cameron Boland ‡ 
Emily Branca  
Ashlai Ann Braxton  
Quinn Sophia Breidenbach  
Amanda Elizabeth Bresnahan  
Holly Mae Brissette  
Elizabeth Grace Buckner ‡ 
Jennifer Elizabeth Bugos  
Allen Thinh Bùi  
Jaylie Corryn Burgo  
Hannah Marie Burns  
Thokozile Jessica Buthelezi  
Heather Dorothy Camacho  
Lilia Campbell  
Alison Catherine Carney  
Isabella Gina Caruso ‡ 
Laura Elizabeth Casey  
Lauren Marie Celona  
Thomas Shinna Chalothron  
Lynh B. Chau  
Scarlett Cheung  
Caroline Michelle Chisholm  
Jiin Chung  
Nicole Marie Clemente  
Alexander Herve Clifford  
Erica Coates  
Rachel Rose Cohen  
Shaelin Elizabeth Conlon  
Cassandra Corina  
Riley Steven Costa  
Caroline Mary Coveno  
Marshall Joseph Crescentini  
Madeline Crocker  
Conor Michael Cronin  
Caroline Elena Cueva  
Ashley Cui ‡ 
Patricia Karolina Custode  
Ravyn Lynn Dallaire  
Anne Charlotte Daly  
Melissa Antonia Damigella  
Hannah Claire Davin  
Dominique Rae DeAngelis
Joseph Hunter Debonis
Isabelle Meredith Dee  
Hannah Delgado  
Jonathan Derolus  
Riley Morgan Despathy  
Alyssa Rose Devlin ‡ 
Samira Liana Dias  
Ana Elena Diaz  
Carmela Jessica Dobrusin  
Jillian Marie Drummy  
Perseverance Ruvimbo Duche  
Alexandra Christine Eldridge  
Tanisha Esther Exantus  
Ruby Leigh Ferro  
Caitlin Marie Fields  
Nora Ann Finnerty  
Tiarra Diamond Fisher  
Carly Anne Forrester  
Hannah Marie Frawley  
Justin Edward Friel  
Miranda Gemme  
Nicole Ann Gendron  
Soleen Ghahraman  
Andrew Daniel Giesta  
Rachel Gin  
Brendan Glavin  
Marguerite Gordon-Johnson  
Ethan Andrew Greenidge  
Claudia Mercedes Grullon Salcedo  
Leila Haghighi  
Jaqueline Kara Hale ‡ 
Patrick E. Harrington  
Lauren Alexandria Harris  
Hailee Elizabeth Hart  
Tiffany Mei Ting He Lam  
Lillian Healy ‡ 
Sasha Blü Helfner  
Athyah S. Henderson  
Madison Rose Hickingbotham  
Eric Huy Hoang  
Emma R. Hoffman ‡ 
Jennifer Nina Hofmann ‡ 
Aaron John Holman-Vittone  
Anik Hossain  
Mikaila Chieko Houston  
Andy Hui  
Mary Sarah Hurley  
Judy Thuy Huynh  
Hannah Ibrahim  
Nazifa Ibrahim  
Tyshaun Detarie Ingram  
Jasmine Inim ‡ 
Kassandra Marcelle Jean-Marie
Peterson Jeudy  
David Jimenez  
Catherine Marilyn Johnson 
Hillary Samantha Johnson  
Haena Jung  
Yeonji Jung 
Daniela Jurado  
Grace K. Jurgiel  
Divine Kamba  
Sidney Nicollette Keise  
Maura Jamieson Kelly  
Katerina Kerastaris  
Andrew Khalaj  
Verina Khalil  
Fabeeha Khan  
Milad Kinsey  
Elizabeth Knobel  
Greta Kohl  
Lauren Martha Kowalchek  
Neslihan Kumas  
Pema Taten Kunsal  
Keisha Lamarre  
Katherine Lamp  
Lucia Laplaza  
Amy Michelle Larabee  
Mi Le  
Alayjah Quilana Lee  
Maria Levit
Andrea Li
Virginia Huang Liu  
Xin Liu  
Marly Loreus  
Mackenzie Rose Lowney  
Shannon Kelly Lynch  
Calvin Ma  
Elizabeth MacFarland  
Justin Macintyre  
Katharine Amelia MacIsaac  
Kalli Ellen Mackintire  
Emmett Madeson  
Brendan Patrick Maguire 
Shannon Elizabeth Mahoney  
Larissa Paige Maier  
Camille Manoukian  
Zachary Martin  
Anna Hiroko McCarthy  
Brian O. McCarthy  
Paige McGovern  
Jake McLaughlin  
Cassidy McMahon  
Brooks Patrick McMurray 
Sarah Elizabeth McSherry  
Patrick Michael Meagher  
Scott Arthur Mele  
Paige Kimlen Miller Norve  
Leah Elizabeth Mitchell  
Serena Marie Mitchell  
Lindsey Claire Mollor  
Crystal Alexa Molloy  
Daniel Louis Monger Jr.
Nicholas Paul Morreale  
Brigid Rose Morrison  
Emma Johann Morrison ‡ 
Courtney Lauren Murray  
Olivia Rose Murray  
Shannon MaryAnne Murray  
Jamila Wanjiru Mwangi  
Serena Jennifer Nally  
Owen Andrew Nash ‡ 
Moriah Anne Newcomb  
Amanda Ying Ng  
Kevin Ng  
Manda Ngin  
My (May) Nguyen  
Molly Nary Nhiv  
Stephanie Nubuor  
Dorothy Amakwah Obisui  
Courtney Marie O'Connell 
Matthew Garrett Olejarz  
Ian Edward O'Neil  
Korey O'Rourke Crowley  
Sokuntheary Ou  
Monica Singh Pabla ‡ 
Marissa Brianne Paiva  
Alexis Bella Parent  
Aashna Ujjwal Parikh  
Bria Joi Pasley  
Tobiah Marshall Passett  
Himani Vinodbhai Patel  
2nd Lt. Nicola Clementina Patel  
Jasmine Perez  
Nathalie Perez  
Vashnie Trenese Perry  
My Viet Pham  
Francisco Javier Pineyro  
Katherine Andrea Pinzon  
Cassidy Johanna Pipino  
Simran Poudyal  
Kelli A. Poulin  
Samantha Lynne Powers  
Jessica Marie Purdy 
Yazhini Ramesh  
Martina J. Rehmus  
Abhignya Renikuntla  
Ashley Nichole Rice  
Emily Elizabeth Rodgers  
Giulianna Ruiz-Shah  
Hannah Rutley  
Asma Asad Saeed
Taha Ahmed Saeed  
Nora Charlotte Salo ‡ 
Vandana Sampson  
Karianne Ailed Santiago Ruiz  
Gene Scarbrough  
Naria Raina Zora Sealy  
Madalena Seidman  
Justin Isiah Seymour-Welch  
Zaryaab Shafiq  
Umaimah Shah  
Brittany Yvette Shaughnessy  
Maha Bano Sheikh  
Brooke Shostek  
Annie Shtino  
Mackenzie Sandra Sideleau  
Eric Lawrence Siegel 
Madison Rae Skamarycz  
Valerie Smith  
Gina Song  
Kiara Quashawna Spells  
Jasmine St. Cyr  
Adria Helene Stephens  
Natalie Christine Stevens  
Myriam Stiven  
Micaela Anne Stowe  
Madeline Christine Stump  
Jack Sullivan  
Kayla Ann Sullivan  
Rohen Karthikan Sundaram  
Lydia Kate Sweetser ‡ 
Kristiana Tadeo ‡ 
Lina Rina Takaoka 
Athena Teehan  
Menna Teffera ‡ 
Charly Timite  
Samrawit Tisasu  
Anh Tong  
Kiara Selena Torres  
Christina H. Tosti  
Sarah Tran  
Brenton Lee Travers  
Alexandra Trotta  
Althea Josephine Turley  
Meaghan Ashby Turner  
Oliver Loic Vadeboncoeur  
Anthony Vasquez  
Sophia Anne Vorias  
Catherine Nora-Anne Walsh  
Adam Edward Waskiewicz
Elizabeth Weiler
Jessica Paige Weiss
Cassandra Belle White
Cameron Eleanor Wilkie
Kayla Marie Withers  
Ian Matthew Worstell
Deven Andrew Yee
Skylar Yee
Sorvena Sophie Yoyo
Gaashaan Yusuf
Lauralyn Rose Zacek
Adrianna Marie Zagame
Mary Catherine Zeng 
Emily Zwierzchowski

Graduate Student Class of 2020

Please note that with the deadline to file for graduation extended to May 7 some omissions may have occurred. Please accept our assurance that being or not being listed here has no bearing on a student’s official graduation status.

Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Michael Attah, MS
Rebecca Costa, MS
Gaurav Dangol, MPH
Bianca N. Doone, MS
Brie Engelbrecht, MS
Isabella Gleckman, MPH
Gregory Guranich, MS
Ashley Moineau, MS
Emily Peterson, PhD
Sirui Qin, MS
Gabriella Silverman, MPH
Avery Trim, MS
Heather L. Weaver, MS
Rui Zhang, MS

Communication Disorders

Kerry Alexander, MA
Abigail Aveni, MA
Christine Bechard, MA
Lindsey Burkey, MA
Gabrielle Daley, MA
Briana Deslauriers, AuD
Shannon Frye, AuD
Colleen Gargan, PhD
Sarah Girouard, MA
Katherine Grogan, MA
Emily Jackson, MA
Natalie Kulikowski, MA
Julia Lachance, MA
Steven Lafortune, MA
Nicole Matysiak, MA
Alison McHugh, MA
Lauren Messina, MA
Casey Milkey, AuD
Clodagh Moloney, MA
Anna Niemi, AuD
Arista Parillo, MA
Brianna Robichaud, AuD
Julie Rotatori, MA
Breanna Saloio, MA
Jane Stebbins, MA
Morgan Upham, MA
Alena Zabedyuk, MA

Environmental Health Sciences

Ryan Paxton, MPH
Aastha Pokharel, MS
Archit Rastogi, PhD

Health Promotion and Policy

Saloonee Adhikari, MPH
Nora Cameron, MPH
Apurva Dhengle, MPH
Sarah Dupont, MPH
Erica Ferreira, MPH
Devon Goldberg, MPH
Leah Hall, MPH
Clarissa Huard, MPH
Daniel Kiely, MPH
Irtika Kumari, MPH
Tenzin Kunsang, MPH
Jacob Lewi, MPH
John Lopeyok, PhD
Nidhi Malik, MPH
Olivia Mariano, MPH
Samantha Moore, MPH
Tai Pasquini, PhD
Montana Phipps, MPH
Rebecca Pisica, MPH
Maria Polino, MPH
Farana Samad, MPH
Eve Sullivan, MPH


Miles Bartlett, PhD
Colleen Chase, MS
Liam Fitzgerald, PhD
Russell Johnson, PhD
Caitlin Rajala, MS
Luis Rosado, PhD
Bekah Stein, MS
Jan Stenum, PhD
Kimberly Unger, MS
Matt Unger, MS
Samuel Zeff, MS


Deniz Azarmanesh, PhD
Nozipho Nicole Rose Becker, PhD
Veronica Claire Bedard, MS
Erica L. Dirk, MS
David M. Evans, MS
Jessica Marie Holley, MS
Andrea M. Kooistra, MS
Rene M. Maserati, MS
Maria A. O'Donnell, MS
Joanna D. Tillinghast, MS
Mu-Fang Tsai, MS
Heather Wemhoener, PhD

Professional Programs

Mohammed Abbas Fagiri, MPH
Cecilia Antwi, MPH
Yaa Kyeremaa Bampo Addo, MPH
Summer Baptist, MPH
Tyson Becker, MPH
Todd Bloom, MPH
Adriano Boccanelli, MPH
Monique Boucher-Adams, MPH
Wendy Ceja-Garcia, MPH/GHC
Jeffrey Chan, MPH-N
Regine Charlot, MPH
Patrick Chartrand, MPH
Melanie Conboy, MPH
Jamie Coolidge, MPH-N
Scott Daly, MPH
Deborah Davidson, MPH
Prapti Desai, MPH
Leanne Desmond, MPH/GHC
Iman Djarraya, MPH-N
Noemi Doohan, MPH
Emily Estell, MPH-N
Sarah Ferguson, MPH-N
Karen Fitzgerald, MPH/GHC
Nicole Fournakis (Harrington), MPH
Raphaela Francis, MPH
Sarah Gravel, MPH
Caitlin Hanley, MPH
Zainab Hassen, MPHN
Julie Hurlbut, MPH
Jessica Jackson, MPH
Megan Kaplan, MPH
Carole Kelnhofer, MPH
Gulprit Lamba, GHC
Kirby Lecy, MPH
Lisa Lewis, MPH
Wesly Lima, MPH/GHC
Scott Luellen, MPH
Silvana Malvezzi, MPH
Memory Maunde, MPH
Nicole Medina, MPH
Sarah Monahan, MPH
Allison Morris, MPH
Cheryl Nelson, GHC
Denise Nightingale, MPH/GHC
Aisha Nnoli, MPH
Kelly Pauly, MPH/GHC
Taonex Perez-Medina, MPH
Hillary Razzano (Ashe), MPH
Qurat-Ul-Ain Sardar, MPH
Kristine Shiroma, MPH/GHC
Deirdre Slate, MPH
Stephanie Sonnberg, MPH
Patrick Sullivan , MPH
Stephanie Swafford, GHC
Nadja Torres, MPH
Karen Walters, MPH
Sacha Williams, MPH