Rachel A. Volberg

Rachel A. Volberg
Research Professor
421 Arnold House


B.C.E. (A level), Aiglon College, Chesières-Villars, Switzerland, 1972; B. A., University of California, San Diego, 1977; Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco, 1983

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Gambling, problem gambling, psychometrics, impact studies, cohort studies

Research Description: 

Dr. Volberg has been involved in epidemiological research on gambling and problem gambling since 1985 and has directed or consulted on numerous gambling studies throughout the world.  In 1988, Dr. Volberg was the first investigator to receive funding from the National Institutes of Health to study the prevalence of problem gambling in the general population. Dr. Volberg is currently the Principal Investigator on two major studies funded by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission: the Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling in Massachusetts (SEIGMA) study and the Massachusetts Gambling Impact Cohort (MAGIC) study. In addition to her work in Massachusetts, Dr. Volberg is working with a group of Swedish colleagues on a study of impacts of policy changes related to problem gambling treatment provision in that country. Dr. Volberg is also a member of a research team based at Rutgers University studying the impacts of the introduction of online gambling in New Jersey. Dr. Volberg has published extensively, presented at national and international conferences and testified before legislative committees throughout North America.

Key Publications: 

Mazar, A., Williams, RJ., Stanek, EJ., Zorn, M., Volberg, RA. (2018). The importance of friends and family to recreational gambling, at-risk gambling, and problem gambling. BMC Public Health 18: 1080.

Binde, P., Romild, U., Volberg, RA. (2017). Forms of gambling, gambling involvement and problem gambling: Evidence from a Swedish population survey. International Gambling Studies 17 (3): 490-507.

Abbott, MW, Romild, U & Volberg, RA. (2014). Gambling and Problem Gambling in Sweden: Changes between 1998 and 2009.  Journal of Gambling Studies 30 (4): 985-999.

Williams, RJ & Volberg, RA. (2014).  The Classification Accuracy of Four Problem Gambling Assessment Instruments in Population Research.  International Gambling Studies 14 (1): 15-28.

Volberg, RA, Munck, IM, Petry, NM. (2011). A Quick and Simple Screening Method for Pathological and Problem Gamblers in Addiction Programs and Practices. American Journal on Addictions 20 (3): 220-227.

Volberg, RA & Wray, M. (2007). Legal Gambling and Problem Gambling as Mechanisms of Social Domination: Some Considerations for Future Research.  American Behavioral Scientist 51 (1): 56-85.