Paula L. Stamps

Paula Stamps
Professor Emerita and Graduate Program Director, Departments of Biostatistics & Epidemiology and Health Promotion & Policy
227 Arnold House


B.S. (Biology); M.S. (Health Administration); Ph.D. (Human Ecology)

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Health services research; occupational satisfaction

Research Description: 

I have focused my research career on the development of robust measures for some of the variables used to measure quality in health services research. I have focused primarily on the measure of satisfaction of patients with the care they receive and the level of occupational satisfaction of both physicians and nurses. I am best known for the development of a statistically valid attitude scale used to measure the level of occupational satisfaction of nurses in clinical settings. The Index of Work Satisfaction is used at the professional level to manage nurse turnover, which is very costly to hospital budgets. The IWS is now the standard measure used in many regional and local studies, and is one of the quality measures required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for HealthCare Organizations. It is also used by the American Nursing Association to help certify ‘magnet’ hospitals. In addition to its professional use, the IWS is used to link management strategies, nurse satisfaction, and patient outcomes, which permits more complex research questions to be addressed. The Index of Work Satisfaction has also been used internationally in over 35 different countries.

Key Publications: 

Stamps, P.L. Nurses and Work Satisfaction: An Index for Measurement. Second edition. Health Administration Press, 1997; 342 pages.

Stamps, P.L. and Cruz, N.T.B. Issues in Physician Satisfaction: New Perspectives. Health Administration Press. Ann Arbor, MI 1994 300 pages.