Patty Freedson

Professor Emerita
109 Totman Building


B.S., University of Michigan; M.S., University of Michigan; Ph.D, University of Michigan; Post-doctoral training at the Institute of Environmental Stress, University of California, Santa Barbara

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Physical Activity Measurement, Wearable Sensors

Research Description: 

Dr. Freedson has taught courses in Human Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Pediatric Exercise Physiology, Physical Activity and Health, and Exercise in Health and Disease. She has published over 120 papers and has lectured in the United States and abroad. Her lab has been funded by a number of NIH grants. One grant examined new data processing methods to characterize physical activity using an accelerometer. A second grant was part of the NIH Genes and the Environment Initiative Exposure Biology Program, where she led a team of investigators in the development and validation of a multi-sensor wearable system to quantify physical activity behavior. The third grant examined how activity performed outside of purposeful exercise training impacted health outcome responsiveness to training. In 2007 she received a University of Massachusetts Outstanding Accomplishments in Research and Creative Activity Award. She is currently the president of the National Academy of Kinesiology, a former president of the New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine and former vice-president of American College of Sports Medicine. She is a fellow of the Research Consortium, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Academy of Kinesiology.

Key Publications: 

Staudenmayer, J, Pober, D., Crouter, S.E., Bassett,  DR, Freedson, P. An artificial neural network to estimate physical activity energy expenditure and identify physical activity type from an accelerometer. Journal of Applied Physiology, 107:1300-1307, 2009.

John, D, Liu, S, Sasaki, JE, Howe, CA, Staudenmayer, J, Gao, RX, Freedson, PS. Calibrating a novel multi-sensor physical activity measurement system. Physiological Measurement 32:1473-1489, 2011.

Kozey-Keadle, S, Libertine, A, Lyden, K, Staudenmayer, J, Freedson, PS. Validation of wearable monitors for assessing sedentary behavior. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 43: 1561-1567, 2011.

Freedson, PS, Lyden, K, Kozey-Keadle, S, Staudenmayer, J. Evaluation of artificial neural network algorithms for predicting METs and activity type from accelerometer data: Validation on an independent sample. Journal of Applied Physiology 111:1804-1812, 2011.

Freedson, P, Bowles, HR, Troiano, R, Haskell, W. Assessment of physical activity using wearable monitors: Recommendations for monitor calibration and use in the field. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 44(1S): S1-S4, 2012.