Melody J. Slashinski

Assistant Professor
302 Arnold


BA, University of South Carolina; MPH, Indiana University Bloomington; PhD, University of Texas

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Child mental health and mental health services delivery; mass incarceration; public health ethics; public health and community genomics; narrative, ethnographic, community-engaged, and visual research/methods 

Research Description: 

For me, public health is multidimensional, holistic, and attentive to the ways in which multiple systems intersect. My work focuses on issues of health equity and human rights, social justice, and bioethics, especially as they impact the lives of marginalized families and communities. My work primarily explores how marginalized families and communities experience health and illness; power and resistance; and suffering and healing at the intersection of interlocking systems of oppression. Using narrative, ethnographic, community-engagement, and visual methods, my developing research program includes: (1) children’s mental health and mental health services delivery, (2) mass incarceration and community-based alternatives to incarceration, (3) equity and justice ‘living archives,’ and (4) bioethical implications of genomics, genomics research, and emerging biomedical technologies.

Key Publications: 

McCullough, L.B., Slashinski, M.J., McGuire, A.L., Street, R.L., Eng, C.M., Gibbs, R.A., Parsons, D.W., & Plon, S.E. (forthcoming). Is whole exome sequencing an ethically disruptive technology? Pediatric Blood & Cancer.

Robinson, J.O., Slashinski, M.J., Chiao, E., & McGuire, A.L. (2015). It depends on whose data are being shared: Considerations for genomic data sharing policies. Journal of Law and Biosciences. doi: 10.1093/jlb/lsv030 [INVITED Pub]

Vassy, J.L., Christensen, K.D., Slashinski, M.J., Lautenbach, D.M., Raghavan, S., Oliver Robinson, J., Blumenthal-Barby, J.A., Zausmer Fuerman, L., Lehman, L.S., Murray, M.F., Green, R.C., & McGuire, A.L. for the MedSeqTM Project. (2014). “Someday it will be the norm:” Physician perceptions of the clinical utility of whole genome sequencing. Personalized Medicine, 12(1), 23-32. [PMID: 25642274]

Slashinski, M.J., Whitney, S.N., Achenbaum, L.S., Keitel, W.A., McCurdy, S.A., & McGuire, A.L. (2013). Investigators’ perspectives on translating human microbiome research into clinical practice. Public Health Genomics, 16, 127-133. [PMID: 23615375]

Slashinski, M.J., McCurdy, S.A., Achenbaum, L.S., Whitney, S.N., & McGuire, A.L. (2012). “Snake-oil,” “quack medicine,” and “industrially cultured organisms:” Biovalue and the commercialization of human microbiome research. BMC Medical Ethics, 13:28. [PMID: 23110633]