Lisa Marin Wexler

Lisa Wexler
Associate Professor and Program Head, Community Health Education
319 Arnold House


B.A., University of West Florida, 1991; M.S.W., Florida State University, 1996; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2005

Area(s) of Specialization: 

American Indian/Alaska Native Suicide Prevention; Indigenous Youth Resilience; Culturally-Specific Behavioral Health Services; Digitally-Enhanced Participatory Research

Research Description: 

My research focuses on three overlapping and complimentary areas that address both scientific and community priorities: suicide prevention, wellness/resilience and learning. My research engages participants in all levels of the processes, responds to cultural and community priorities, and builds on and promotes personal and collective assets. Currently, I am working with community partners and academics to pilot Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide (PC CARES) (NIMH R34096884), which uses critical pedagogy to mobilize community members for strategic and collaborative suicide prevention and wellness initiatives. Additionally, my present work  utilizes Intergenerational Dialogue Exchange and Action (IDEA)—a participatory research method—to engage young people in efforts to  find local strengths, skills and wisdom through cross-generational and community-based investigations that—through the effort--enhance youth possibilities for action and strengthen their social connections within and outside of their home communities.

Key Publications: 

Wexler, L; Chandler, M; Gone, J; Cwik, M; Kirmayer, L; LaFromboise, T; Brockie, T; O’Keefe, V; Walkup, J.; Allen, J. (2015). Advancing Suicide Prevention Research with Rural American Indian and Alaska Native Populations. American Journal of Public Health, 105(5), 891-899.

Wexler, L., & Eglinton, K. (2015). Reconsidering Youth Well-Being as Fluid and Relational: A Dynamic Process at the Intersection of Their Physical and Social Geographies (pp. 127-137). Handbook of Children and Youth Studies, edited by Helen Cahill and Johanna Wyn. New York: Springer Reference.

Wexler, L. & Gone, J.P. (2015). Exploring Alternatives for Indigenous Suicide Prevention: Responding to Cultural Understandings and Practices. In Jennifer White, Ian Marsh, Michael Kral & Jonathan Morris (Eds), [Suicide and] Suicide Prevention: Critical Perspectives, Cambridge University Press.

Wexler, L., White, J., & Trainor, B. (2014). Why an alternative to suicide prevention gatekeeper training is needed for rural Indigenous communities: presenting an empowering community storytelling approach. Critical Public Health, (ahead-of-print), 1-13.

Wexler, L., Jernigan,K,  Mazziotti, J., Baldwin, E. Griffin, M., Joule, L., Garoutte, J. and CIPA (2014). Lived Challenges and Getting Through Them: Alaska Native Youth Narratives as a Way to Understand Resilience. Health Promotion Practice 15 (1): 10 ? 17.