Kimberley Geissler


B.A., Williams College, 2006; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2013; Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston University, 2013-14

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Health economics, health insurance, empirical methods, physician referrals, access to care

Research Description: 

My research uses large datasets and advanced empirical methods to explore factors affecting access to high-quality health care. My current work focuses on physician referrals and coordination of care measured using health insurance claims data. I use economic modeling and network science to examine the effects of organizational structure and hospital mergers/acquisitions on physician referral patterns.

Key Publications: 

Geissler KH, Lubin B, Ericson KM. (2016) Access is not enough: characteristics of physicians who treat Medicaid patients. Medical Care. 54(4):350-8.

Xin X, Ren ZJ, Heineke J, Geissler KH. (2016). Reductions in Diagnostic Imaging With High Deductible Health Plans. Medical Care. 54(2), 110-117.

Geissler KH, Goldberg J, Leatherman S. (2016) Using microfinance to facilitate household investment in sanitation in rural Cambodia. Health Policy and Planning. Published ahead of print, 2016 May 19.

Geissler KH and Leatherman S. (2015). Provision of primary health care through an integrated program of microfinance and health services in Latin America. Social Science and Medicine. 132, 30-37.