Kelly C. Richardson

University of Massachusetts Amherst Communication Disorders faculty Kelly Richardson
Associate Professor
358 North Pleasant Street, Room #320


B.Comm, University of Toronto, 2002; M.A., University at Buffalo, 2008; Ph.D., 2014, CCC-SLP.

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Motor Speech Disorders, Voice Disorders

Research Description: 

My primary area of research interest is speech motor control in adult neurogenic populations, specifically Parkinson’s disease. My research has included study of interarticulator timing (phonatory-articulatory) adjustments in response to a new behavioral voice treatment for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Previous areas of research have also included developmental speech perception for an alveolar to velar place contrast, and changes in auditory-perception associated with Parkinson’s disease. It is clear from anecdotal reports and previous psychoacoustic studies of intensity perception, that some individuals with Parkinson’s disease exhibit changes in auditory perception. Such changes in auditory perception may limit an individual’s ability to monitor their vocal intensity levels. While auditory perceptual training for select acoustic features (e.g. intensity) has shown promising results in healthy aging adults, it is unclear whether its clinical utility extends to adult neurogenic populations. Future research will include auditory perceptual training for intensity targets in persons with Parkinson's disease.

Key Publications: 

Richardson, K., Sussman, J., Stathopoulos, E., & Huber, J. (in revision). The effect of multi-talker babble on interarticulator timing in Parkinson’s disease: A preliminary analysis. Submitted to the Journal of Communication Disorders.

Stathopoulos, E., Huber, J., Richardson, K., DeCicco, D., Kamphaus, J., Fulcher, K., & Sussman, J. (2014). Increased vocal intensity due to the Lombard effect in speakers with Parkinson’s disease:  Simultaneous laryngeal and respiratory strategies. Journal of Communication Disorders, 48, 1-17.

Richardson, K., Gonzalez, Y., Crow, H., & Sussman, J. (2012). The effect of oral motor exercises on patients with myofascial pain of the masticatory system: A case series report. New York State Dental Journal, 78(1), 32-37.