Elena T. Carbone

Elena Carbone
Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition, and Founding Director, Community-Engaged Research Program, Commonwealth Honors College
215 Chenoweth


B.S., University of New Hampshire; M.S., Boston University; Dr.P.H., University of North Carolina; Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

Area(s) of Specialization: 

Health Literacy, Health Communication, Education, Community, Chronic Disease Interventions

Research Description: 

Dr. Carbone works in community settings to examine how low income, culturally diverse populations (adults and children) with limited literacy skills attend to and process health information related to obesity prevention, diabetes management, cancer control, and food safety. She uses primarily a qualitative approach (individual interviews, focus groups, and observations) to collect her data. She is also interested in the use of new technologies to enhance pedagogical practices.

Key Publications: 

Massari S; Carbone ET; Paulos S. Botteghe storiche: A study of the disappearance of historic food shops and its role in the transformation of Rome’s urban social life. In: C. M. K. Lum & M. de Ferriere le Vayer (Eds.), Urban foodways and communication: Ethnographic studies in intangible culture food heritages around the world. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2016.

Carbone ET, DiFulvio GT, Susi T*, Nelson-Peterman J, Lowbridge-Sisley J, Collins J. Evaluation of an urban farm-to-preschool and families (F2P) program. Internatl Quart Comm Health Ed 36(3):177-187, 2016. 

Moyer L, Carbone ET, Anliker J, Goff S. The Massachusetts BMI letter: A qualitative study of responses from parents of obese children. Patient Educ Couns. Feb;94(2):210-7, 2014.

Carbone ET and Buchanan DR. The utility of community-based participatory research to address chronic diseases. Vestnik (Special Issue) Methods to Prevent Community Health Problems: Russian and American Prospectives, 45-52, 2013.

Carbone ET and Zoellner JA. Nutrition and Health Literacy: A Systematic Review to Inform Nutrition Research and Practice. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,112:254-265, 2012.