Carol Bigelow

Carol Bigelow
Research Associate Professor
402 Arnold House


B.A., Skidmore College, 1978; M.S., University of Washington, 1982; Ph.D, University of Washington, 1984

Area(s) of Specialization: 

clinical epidemiology, complex surveys, randomized controlled trials

Research Description: 

I am an applied biostatistician with diverse research interests: breast cancer prevention and etiology, barriers to accessing health care, clinical epidemiology, and randomized clinical trials. Selected projects include: (1) biostatistician for the Department of Defense study, “Intervention Study of Flaxseed in Postmenopausal Women: Effects on Hormonal Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Risk”, 2002-2004; (2) senior biostatistician for the Avon Foundation study “Effects of Age and Parity on Gene Expression Signatures Associated with p53-Meidated Prophylaxis”, 2006-2011; (3) senior biostatistician for the NIH R01 study, “Role of a Novel Angiogenic Factor, YKL-40, in Breast Cancer Progression”, 2008-2013; (4) senior biostatistician for the NIH R03 study, “Urinary Levels of Melatonin and Risk of Breast Cancer”, 2010-2012; (5) Co-Principal Investigator and senior biostatistician for the privately funded study, “Effect of Influenza on the Association between Inpatient Statin Use and Mortality from Pneumonia”, 2007-2009 (funded by Premier Perspective); (6) senior biostatistician for the SAMHSA study “Minority HIV/AIDS Mental Health Services Program”, 2002-2006; (7) senior biostatistician for the NIDA study “Interventions to Reduce HBV, HCV and HIV in IDU’s”, 1996-2000; (8) biostatistician for the NIDA study, “Four Treatment Models for AIDS Prevention”, 1990-1994; and (9) coordinating center biostatistician and deputy director of the Boston University Coordinating Center for the NHLBI study “Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health” 1988-1991.

Key Publications: 

Rothberg MB, Bigelow C, Pekow PS, Lindenauer PK (2012) Association between statins given in hospital and mortality in pneumonia patients. J. Gen. Intern Med. 27(3): 280-6

Sun X, Casbas-Hernandez P, Bigelow C, Makowski L, Jerry JD, Smith Schneider S, Troester MA (2012) Normal breast tissue of obese women is enriched for macrophage markers and macrophage-associated gene expression. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 131(3): 1003-12.

Shao R, Cao QJ, Arenas RB, Bigelow C, Bentley B, Yan W. (2011) Breast cancer expression of YKL-40 correlates with tumor grade, poor differentiation, and other cancer markers. Br. J. Cancer 105(8): 1203-9.

May S, Bigelow C (2006) Modeling nonlinear dose-response relationships in epidemiologic studies: statistical approaches and practical challenges. Dose Response 3: 474-90.

Mundt KA, Bigelow C, van Wijngaarden E (2003) Apportionment of disease in individuals (letter) Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 56, No 3: 290-291.