Declaring the Nutrition Major

Virginia A. Beal Undergraduate Scholarship Award recipients

Students interested in declaring the Nutrition major Spring 2020:

This semester we will be holding information and advising sessions via Zoom on April 9 and 17 at 6:00 pm. Advisors and faculty as well as peer advisors will be helping at these meetings.  

Please sign up here:

You will receive a link and instructions for attending the Zoom meeting a few days before the date.  

Students interested in declaring the Nutrition major:

We require that students wishing to switch into the Nutrition major meet with a peer advisor to learn about the major. Their drop-in office times are listed on the Academic Advising page under Peer Advising Drop-in Center.

After meeting with a peer advisor, Nicole Goldstein, Undergraduate Program Advisor, or Claire Norton, Undergraduate Program Director, can sign you into the major. See their office hours on the Academic Advising page.

Alternatively, students can attend a group information and advising session, which we hold during the preregistration period. 

For further information about the Nutrition major, please contact Nicole Goldstein, Undergraduate Program Advisor.