Academic Advising

Every Nutrition major is assigned a primary advisor. The name of your primary advisor appears on the main page of your Student Center in Spire. We are available to talk with you throughout the semester. All Nutrition students are required to meet with their advisor at least once a semester, prior to or during the registration period (November for spring semester registration, March for fall semester registration). Sophomores, juniors, seniors and transfer students receive an email from their advisor to schedule a one-on-one pre-registration advising appointment. First-year students receive an email to sign up for a small-group advising session.

Peer Advising Center

The Nutrition Peer Advisors are holding drop-in office hours in Chenoweth Room 204 during these times:

Tuesday 11:30-12:30, 3-4
Wednesday 11:15-12:15, 1:15-3:15
Thursday 11:30-12:30, 1-2, 2:30-3:30
Friday 11-12, 1:30-2:30

Room 204 is at the end of the hallway through the Nutrition Education Program offices. Follow the signs to get there. If you prefer to meet via Zoom, the peer advisors are available to talk with you that way too. You must have your full name attached to your Zoom account or you will not be let in from the waiting room.

Drop in virtually during the times above using this link.

For quick questions or if you aren’t available during their office times, please email the Nutrition Peer Advisors at

Read about our peer advisors' interests, career plans and activities in the Meet You Peer Advisors section below. If you'd like to talk with a particular peer advisor who shares your interests or is involved in an activity or field experience you'd like to ask questions about, email with a request to meet with that peer advisor and to find out their drop-in office time.

Our peer advisors are experienced and trained juniors and seniors available to help their fellow nutrition majors with their college planning.

Nutrition Peer Advisors are here to talk with you about:

  • Nutrition major course requirements
  • Our three track options
  • How to succeed in your classes
  • Planning out your course schedule
  • Understanding your ARR and other essential academic tools
  • Finding resources on campus
  • Campus activities, clubs and other opportunities
  • Creating your LinkedIn profile and joining our alumni network
  • Study abroad
  • What it’s like to be a nutrition major

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