Master of Science (M.S.)

Nutrition Assessment Lab

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the coronavirus crisis, the Department of Nutrition has waived the GRE requirement for its Master of Science (M.S.) degree program for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle.** 

The Master of Science program prepares graduates for careers in research, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and nutrition education, or for doctoral studies in nutrition. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition provides advanced nutrition competencies and skills for application in clinical, research, and group settings.

The M.S. program offers both a thesis and non-thesis option. The M.S. thesis option is designed for students who are interested in pursuing research or an advanced degree. Students wishing to continue on in a Ph.D. program should follow the thesis option. Candidates who elect the M.S. thesis option must meet the requirements for a thesis, including pursuit of original research.

The M.S. non-thesis option is designed for students who are not interested in pursuing research. Instead, students take additional courses, including a graduate seminar in which they identify a topic, review the literature, and present a synthesis of their findings.

The Nutrition Department also offers a non-thesis M.S./DPD option, which is designed for students who are not interested in pursuing research but wish to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). Such students will complete coursework, as well as additional dietetics classes, as required by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. All graduate DPD students will earn their Verification Statement through the undergraduate DPD program.

If you are considering our graduate program and have specific questions, contact the faculty on our Admissions Committee by email at