Affiliated Sites for the Dietetic Internship

NOTE: We update our site listings regularly. Please contact the Program Director before you submit your internship application for the most up-to-date listing and site descriptions.

Interns are generally assigned to one facility for each of the three main rotations they complete: clinical, food service management, and community. The sites listed below have been used for the last few years. Occasionally, a site will request to not have an intern for a variety of reasons such as staffing changes, which is usually temporary (1 year). The program director attempts to place interns in their desired sites, but this is not always possible due to outside forces.

Clinical, Foodservice/Management and Community rotation sites that are options for interns are grouped below. You are encouraged to “visit” the affiliated site's website by clicking on the link for more information.

All UMass Amherst Dietetic Interns spend two weeks at the VA Medical Center in Northampton to cover quality assurance, improvement competencies, and outpatient counseling. There are other “off-site” rotations in long-term care, in-house pediatrics, and in a Type 1 diabetes clinic.

Most of the affiliated sites are in the Amherst/Springfield area, although there are some in the Berkshires as well as in Central and Eastern Massachusetts. Regardless of where the intern’s “home-base site” is located, travel may be expected to off-site locations (such as a food show or a special conference) at the discretion of the preceptor.