Affiliated Sites

NOTE: The list of affiliated sites changes periodically. If your interest in our program hinges on the availability of a particular rotation site, please contact the Program Director before submitting your application to UMass Amherst.

Interns are generally assigned to one facility for each of the three main rotations they complete: Clinical, Food Service/Management, and Community.

All UMass Amherst Dietetic Interns spend two weeks at the VA Medical Center in Northampton/Leeds to focus on outpatient counseling. There is also a one-week rotation in long-term care to further meet clinical competencies in a sub-acute facility.

Most of the affiliated sites are in the western Massachusetts area, although there are some in the Berkshires as well as in Central and Eastern MA. Regardless of where the main rotation is located, travel outside the area may be expected (i.e., food show, special conference) and at the discretion of the preceptor.

Interns also get to choose a specialty rotation (plan your own "PYO”) where they will spend 64 hours (two 4-day weeks) working in an area of personal interest. While the interns are encouraged to reach out to the individual preceptors (this encourages networking and fosters initiative), the director has a list of rotation options and contact information from which to choose. It is not expected that the interns facilitate the PYO rotation solely on their own. Most of the affiliated rotation sites listed are willing to provide the PYO experience for interns.