What is a Non-Payroll Cost Transfer, and how do I fill out the form?

Like the title suggests, a Non-Payroll Cost Transfer (NPCT) is a way to transfer non-payroll expenses from one speedtype to another. The form is available at the Controller’s website

  • In Section A of the form, people often get confused by the words “Credit” and “Debit”, so just ignore those words and instead focus on where the expense that you want to transfer is located right now (right-hand column) and where you want it to go (left-hand column).  You do not have to transfer an entire expense (for instance, you may transfer $500 of a $1000 expense), but you do have to pick one or more specific expenses to be transferred (not just any random amount of money). 
  • Fill in Sections B, C, and D as indicated (do not skip the justification section), and make sure to attach a 7062 report or a Summit report showing that the expense is where you say it is. (This should match Section A, right-hand column.) Please highlight the entire line of the expense on the report so it is easy to locate visually. More specific instructions are located on the back of the NPCT form.