Volunteers Needed for Study on Balance and Learning in Walking Gait

August 26, 2019

The Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Biomechanics of Locomotion seeks volunteers for a study on balance and learning in walking gait. Researchers will investigate how challenges to walking balance will lead to learning which will accelerate regaining balance when exposed to novel unstable walking conditions.

Prospective participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Healthy male or female, ages 18 – 45
  • Have no known cardiometabolic, orthopedic, or biomechanical impairments (heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s)
  • Have no history of major lower extremity surgery or current joint pain
  • Have no history walking on a split-belt treadmill
  • Must be able to walk unassisted for extended periods of time

Participants will be asked to complete two visits in the lab on consecutive days where they will be asked to walk at several speeds (1.3 – 4.0 mph) and in several conditions (with visual and auditory feedback, and with asymmetric speeds imposed on each limb). We will measure the movements of the participants body in real-time using a camera system much like those used in film making.

If interested, please contact the study lead researcher at dgregory@umass.edu for further information and to see if you qualify.