Vandenberg speaks with Clean Water Action about women in science

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Laura Vandenberg

Laura Vandenberg

March 8, 2017

Laura Vandenberg, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, was profiled by Clean Water Action in its "recognizing women leaders" feature on the organization's blog. Clean Water Action is a nonprofit that organizes grassroots groups and coalitions in favor of protecting water resources, campaigns to elect pro-environmental candidates, and to solve environmental and community problems.

The interview, part of Clean Water's efforts in honor of International Women's Day, examines Vandenberg's path to environmental health research, sexism in the sciences, and the importance of women mentors.

"My advice to young women is to get strong training in a basic scientific field, so they can apply this training to address the important public health issues we will encounter in the future. Stick to science, and let it guide you! There is so much work to do, but many hands make lighter work," says Vandenberg.

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