Vandenberg questions new BPA research on NPR’s “All Things Considered” program

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Laura Vandenberg

Laura Vandenberg

September 18, 2018

Environmental Health Sciences’ Laura Vandenberg recently appeared on NPR’s nationally syndicated program “All Things Considered” to dispute new research claiming the plastic additive BPA isn’t a health threat.

NPR reported on CLARITY-BPA, a $30 million dollar federally funded project meant to resolve questions about the chemical’s safety. Food and Drug Administration researchers concluded after a 2-year study administering a concentrated dosage of BPA to rats, that the chemical did not contribute negatively to the rats’ health.

During an online press conference held by a number of academic research scientists, Vandenberg said her own analysis of the study data shows low doses of BPA are a problem. "There were significant effects of BPA in both males and females," she says, urging researchers to consider the rat’s health in a year.

Listen to the full story here.