Vandenberg Comments in New York Times on Report from American Academy of Pediatrics

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Laura Vandenberg

Lauren Vandenberg

July 26, 2018

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Laura Vandenberg was recently quoted in the New York Times and WRAL about a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics that is urging families to limit the use of plastic food containers, cut down on processed meat during pregnancy, and eat more whole fruits and vegetables rather than processed food.

Vandenberg says infants and children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of chemicals in their food and, because their bodies are still developing, hormone disruptions can potentially cause lasting changes. She continues by saying many of the chemicals singled out in the report have been shown to interfere with normal hormone function “by mimicking or blocking the actions of hormones that are responsible for brain development, development of the sex organs and normal metabolic function.”