Van Emmerik named 2017-18 Conti Fellow

University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor of Kinesiology Richard Van Emmerik

Richard van Emmerik

April 5, 2017

Professor of Kinesiology Richard van Emmerik has been named one of the three recipients of the 2017-2018 Samuel F. Conti Faculty Fellowship Awards.

Conti Fellowships provide faculty members with a unique opportunity to focus on their research or creative activities. These Fellowships, managed by the office of the vice chancellor for research and engagement, provide a one-year release from teaching and service duties in addition to a $3,500 cash award.

Fellows are chosen based on their record of outstanding accomplishments in research and creative activity and on their potential for continued excellence, particularly with regard to the project that would be undertaken during the fellowship period and as proposed in their nomination materials. The fellowship is named in honor of Samuel F. Conti, the first vice chancellor for research, who played a key role in establishing the campus as a major research institution of international reputation.

Dr. Van Emmerik’s research is on the coordination and control of human movement. The main focus of his research is on stability and adaptability in human movement and the role of variability in motor control from a nonlinear and complex systems perspective, as well as the ecological approach to perception and action. His laboratory's research is integrative and focuses on the interaction between mechanical, neural and perceptual factors underlying the control of posture and gait, with applications to rehabilitation, learning and development. A particular focus of his research is on loss of stability and falls in older individuals and people with movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease; Multiple Sclerosis). 

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