UMass Magazine Profiles Environmental Health Sciences Department

Jamestown Fish Harbor in Accra, Ghana. Photo by Muntaka/Wikimedia Commons.

July 24, 2018

UMass Magazine highlights the global impact the Department of Environmental Health Sciences is making through its field work in a feature article titled "Interwoven." The story profiles Chair and Professor Tim Ford's efforts to combat water pollution in Haiti alongside ongoing efforts to reduce air pollution in Nepal and Canada by Associate Professor Richard Peltier and in Ghana by Assistant Professor Raphael Arku. 

The feature focuses on the theme of "interconnectedness that drives so much of the study of environmental health. 'Think of the global context of everything that happens,' he [Arku] says emphatically. 'The pollutants that come from dirty cooking fuel also contribute to global warming. It’s not localized. It’s not just the direct impact in the communities where we work. There are consequences to your environment no matter where you live.'” 

The story appears in the Summer 2018 issue of the magazine.

Read the full feature story here.