SPHHS in Video: Our Students and Alumni

Class of 2018 Says Goodbye to UMass

Members of our SPHHS Senior Class look back at their four years at UMass Amherst and those who helped shape them. Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Celebrating our students and alumni

The UMass Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences celebrated its students and honored alumni Howard Shane MA '72 and Efosa Guobadia '07 during the 2017 SPHHS Fall Celebration.

Health Promotion and Policy at UMass Amherst

Students in Health Promotion and Policy are helping to build healthier worlds.

Bridging the gap between chronic disease and dietary patterns

Nutrition graduate student Mina Frederick is helping to bridge the knowledge gap between chronic disease and dietary patterns.

Scientific solutions for big problems

Public Health major Sarah Kuruvilla examines scientific solutions for big problems.

Eliminating health disparities and promoting health equity

Nutrition major Bria Gadsden is working to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity.

Fostering conversations with communities

Public Health major Naomi Fedna fosters conversations with communities in Haiti.

Improving diet through intervention

Nutrition major Rob Dunn is improving diet through intervention.

Creating a dialogue for change

Public Health major Ryan Barry is creating a dialogue for change.

LabTV profiles doctoral student Mary Diaz Santana

LabTV profiled doctoral student Mary Diaz Santana, a member of the Reeves Lab at UMass Amherst. Mary's research studies how chemicals found in plastics affect our health, with the goal of determining how specific chemicals relate to the development of breast cancer.

LabTV profiles doctoral student Serena Houghton

LabTV profiled doctoral student Serena Houghton, a member of the Bertone-Johnson Lab at UMass Amherst. Serena's research studies how nutrition and treatment options affect women's health, with the goal of creating nutritional guidelines for women based on research.

Helping People Communicate at UMass Amherst

Meet Gabrielle Merchant, a graduate student in the The Psychoacoustics Lab at UMass Amherst. Gabrielle's research studies age-related hearing loss and speech recognition, with the goal of fully understanding speech recognition. Visit LabTV for more profiles.

LabTV Profiles Doctoral Student Haotian Wu

LabTV profiled Haotian Wu, a Ph.D student in Rick Pilsner's Environmental Epigenetics Lab at UMass Amherst. Haotian's research studies how environmental factors can be passed down and inherited between generations, with the goal of learning how epigenetics affects reproduction.

LabTV profile on Stephen Lauer

LabTV profiled Biostatistics doctoral student Steve Lauer, a graduate researcher in the Reich Lab at UMass Amherst. Steve's research studies can help us predict and deal with epidemics, with the goal of using computer models to predict outbreaks of Dengue fever. Learn more at the LabTV website.