SPHHS students recognized for outstanding achievements

May 1, 2014

Over 30 SPHHS students attended the SPHHS Undergraduate Awards Celebration, where they were recognized for outstanding achievements in the classroom, research, and through service to the community.

The SPHHS Undergraduate Awards Celebration was sponsored by the SPHHS and held in the Fine Arts Center on April 26. Numerous SPHHS faculty, staff, and student family and friends attended the event.

A full list of award winners can be found below the event slideshow.

The SPHHS recognized its students who received department scholarships and honors. These students include:

Department of Communication Disorders Award Recipients

Gilbert C. Tolhurst Senior Scientist Award

  • Ericka Lynch, '14 Communication Disorders
  • Jamie Hall, '14 Communication Disorders

Henry B. Peirce Service Award

  • Julie Jyringi, '14 Communication Disorders
  • Kellie Correia, '14 Communication Disorders
  • Hayley Rivlin, '14 Communication Disorders

Kimberly Ann Soucy Award

  • Amanda Szarythe, '14 Communication Disorders

Miriam P. Romo Award

  • Marina Simons, '14 Communication Disorders
  • Carlene McGuigan, '14 Communication Disorders

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) Award

  • Amanda Downie, '14 Communication Disorders
  • Marina Simons, '14 Communication Disorders

Department of Kinesiology Award Recipients

Timothy Moynahan Award

  • Matthew Quinn, ’14 Kinesiology

CYBEX Undergraduate Research Grant Award (Click here for a related story.)

  • Alexander Borges, ’14 Kinesiology
  • Kara McCormick, ’14 Kinesiology

Department of Nutrition Award Recipients

Helen S. Mitchell Scholarship Award

  • Ibrahim Osumanu, ‘14 Nutrition

Virginia A. Beal Scholarship Award

  • Toni Ambrogio, ‘14 Nutrition
  • Emily Boudreau, ‘14 Nutrition
  • Samantha Mossman, ‘14 Nutrition
  • Timothy Paradis, ‘14 Nutrition

Department of Public Health Award Recipient

Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Gianna Luchetti, ’14 Public Health Sciences

Additional student honorees included SPHHS recipients of UMass Amherst Alumni Association awards. (Read here for more information on the Alumni Association awards.)

Leaders in the Making:

Life Member Internship Scholarship:

  • Meagan Lawrence, ’15 Kinesiology

William F. Field Alumni Scholars:

  • Amanda Cortese, '15 Nutrition
  • Alison Foreman, '15 Communication Disorders
  • Olivia Guilmette, '15 Communication Disorders
  • Jaime Laurin, '15 Kinesiology
  • Jaclyn LeBlanc, '15 Kinesiology
  • Derek Luthi, '15 Public Health Sciences
  • Jeanette Schaible, '15 Nutrition, Public Health Sciences
  • Courtney St. Onge, '15 Kinesiology
  • Hannah Weinronk, '15 Public Health Sciences

Senior Leadership Award:

  • Elizabeth Marcuse, ’14 Public Health Sciences

Other SPHHS students were recognized for their contributions by numerous offices across campus. These include:

Bernie Dallas Memorial Scholarship

  • Shirin Hakim, ’14 Public Health Sciences

Class of 1941 Humanitarian Award

  • Shirin Hakim, ’14 Public Health Sciences

Gerald F. Scanlon Student Employee of the Year Award

  • Timothy Paradis, ‘14 Nutrition

Honors Dean's Award, Commonwealth Honors College

  • Emily Boudreau, ‘14 Nutrition

Honors Thesis/Capstone Project Award in Family Research (Read here for a related story.)

  • Shirin Hakim, ’14 Public Health Sciences
  • Nicholas Otis, ’14 Nutrition/Kinesiology

Priscilla M. Clarkson Leadership Award

  • Courtney St. Onge, '15 Kinesiology

UMass Amherst Rising Researcher Award (Click here for a related story.)

  • Alexander Borges, ’14 Kinesiology

UMass Amherst Salute to Service (Click here for a related story.)

  • Nicholas Otis, ’14 Nutrition/Kinesiology

UMass Amherst Winter Scholar-Athlete (Click here for a related story.)

  • Michaela Butler, '14 Kinesiology