SPHHS recognizes student achievements at annual awards ceremony

From Left to Right:
Christine St. Laurent, Jane Kent, Liam Fitzgerald

May 22, 2018

A group of more than two dozen undergraduate and graduate students attended this year’s SPHHS Awards Celebration, where they were recognized for outstanding achievements in the classroom, in research, and through service to the community. The SPHHS Awards Celebration was held in the Old Chapel on April 28, 2018.

View a photo gallery from the event here.

A full list of award recipients can be found below:

School of Public Health & Health Sciences Award Recipients

Littleton-Kozma Family Fund Scholarship
Brooke Stebbins, Environmental Health Sciences

Elizabeth Woolrich Scholarship
Samantha DiMeco, Communication Disorders

The Yablonski Fellowship Fund
Rebecca Goldberg, Epidemiology

Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology Award Recipients

David Hosmer Outstanding First-Year Student Award
Bing Miu, Biostatistics
Sai Guttikonda, Epidemiology

David Hosmer Outstanding Second-Year Student Award
Liz Austin, Biostatistics
Jennifer Gaudreau, Epidemiology

Diane J. Mundt Memorial Scholarship in Epidemiology
Christine Langton, Epidemiology

Department of Communication Disorders Award Recipients

Henry B. Peirce Service Award
Meghan Kean, Communication Disorders
Meaghan Whalen, Communication Disorders

Miriam P. Romo Award
Stephanie Gaglini, Communication Disorders

Kimberly A. Soucy Award
Anastasia Chobany, Communication Disorders

Gilbert C. Tolhurst Senior Scientist Award
Johnny Gallagher, Communication Disorders

Department of Environmental Health Sciences Award Recipients

Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Aastha Pokharel, Public Health Sciences
Oladele (Amos) Oluwayiose, Environmental Health Sciences

The Stewart Fellowship 
Monika Roy, Environmental Health Sciences

Department of Health Promotion and Policy Award Recipients

William A. Darity Graduate Scholarship Fund
Owhochiku Gahia, Health Policy and Management
Anna Mullany, Community Health Education

Department of Kinesiology Award Recipients

Priscilla M. Clarkson Graduate Scholarship in Kinesiology
Liam Fitzgerald, Kinesiology
Christine St. Laurent, Kinesiology

Patty Freedson Undergraduate Health and Wellness Scholarship
Lauren Zarro, Kinesiology

Timothy Moynahan Award
Daniela Kessler, Kinesiology

Frank Rife Undergraduate Scholarship in Kinesiology
Jazmine Kendrick, Kinesiology

Rouzier Family Pre-Health Professional Scholarship
Kate Avard, Kinesiology

Eric Sinacori Memorial Scholarship
Ryley Aceret, Kinesiology

Department of Nutrition Award Recipients

Virginia A. Beal Undergraduate Scholarship
Jonathan Contreras, Nutrition
Lauren Fimian, Nutrition
Erica Lowenkron, Nutrition
Michelle Saillant, Nutrition

Virginia A. Beal Graduate Scholarship
Kiara Y. Amaro-Rivera, Nutrition
Lauren Elizabeth Haskins, Nutrition
Luotao Lin, Nutrition
Bindia Shetty, Nutrition

Helen S. Mitchell Undergraduate Scholarship
Juliana Dewsnap, Nutrition

Helen S. Mitchell Graduate Scholarship
Maria A. Bermudez, Nutrition

Peter L. Pellett Graduate Scholarship
Nan Dou, Nutrition