SPHHS announces Dean’s PhD Summer Fellowship Recipients

July 17, 2018

The School of Public Health and Health Sciences has awarded seventeen Dean’s PhD Summer Fellowships for summer 2018. The $7000 awards will provide support for PhD students in excellent standing to pursue their research and complete their dissertations during the summer months. Students received nominations by their faculty mentors with concurrence from their graduate program directors.

The 2018 Fellows are:

  • Alice Fidian-Green, Community Health Education (Mentor: Aline Gubirum)
  • Carl Jewell, Kinesiology (Mentor: Katherine Boyer)
  • Christine St Laurent, Kinesiology (Mentor: Sofiya Alhassan)
  • Colleen Gargan, Communication Disorders (Mentor: Mary Andrianopoulos)
  • Heather Wemhoener, Nutrition (Mentor: Nancy Cohen)
  • Jake Banks, Kinesiology (Mentor: Graham Caldwell)
  • Jan Stenum, Kinesiology (Mentor: Julia Choi)
  • Jinchao Li, Nutrition (Mentor: Zhenhua Liu)
  • Jingyao Huo, Biostatistics (Mentor: Jing Qian)
  • Liam Fitzgerald, Kinesiology (Mentor: Jane Kent)
  • Lizbeth Del Toro-Mejias, Community Health Education (Mentor: Aline Gubirum)
  • Miles Bartlett, Kinesiology (Mentor: Jane Kent)
  • Nozi Maziya, Nutrition (Mentor: Lindiwe Sibeko)
  • Sangsoo Park, Kinesiology (Mentor: Graham Caldwell)
  • Sarah Burkhart, Kinesiology (Mentor: Sofiya Alhassan)
  • Stephen Lauer, Biostatistics (Mentor: Nicholas Reich)
  • Tai Spargo, Health Policy and Management (Mentor: Jennifer Whitehill)

For more information on the program, visit the Dean’s Incentives Program webpage.