Reich among founding editors of new journal on disease forecasting and surveillance

University of Massachusetts Biostatistics faculty Nicholas Reich

Nicholas Reich

March 9, 2018

Nicholas Reich, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, recently announced the creation of a new “global forum for disease forecasting and surveillance research” available through the Open Access publisher Public Library of Science (PLOS).

Reich is one of the founding editors of the “Disease Forecasting & Surveillance” channel which serves as a single-destination resource for researchers. The channel provides access to research, methods, findings, and datasets relating to disease forecasting and electronic disease surveillance and public health policy.

According to their website, the “goal of modern electronic disease surveillance is to provide access to data on population public health trends, with a focus on increasing both the amount of data and the speed with which the data are disseminated and analysed. This in turn provides the opportunity for rapid detection, characterization, and forecasting of disease threats or conditions that can be used to support public health decision making.”

Visit the website here.