Public Health Club Hosts Professor Panel

March 11, 2013

From left: Sofija Zagarins, Paul Kostecki, Richard Pilsner, Daniel Gerber, Maria Bulzacchelli, Gloria DiFulvio, and Lisa Wexler participate in the undergraduate Public Health Club's "Professor Panel"

The undergraduate Public Health Club hosted a “Professor Panel” on March 11, 2013, in the Campus Center. SPHHS faculty Sofija Zagarins, Daniel Gerber, Gloria DiFulvio, Richard Pilsner, Maria Bulzacchelli, Paul Kostecki, and Lisa Wexler participated in the panel discussion, fielding questions from an audience of approximately 40 undergraduate students.

Each professor shared different perspectives regarding the ups and downs of college life. Covering topics from failing tough courses to taking a year off to travel, they discussed their mistakes and missteps as well as the periods of time in which they flourished. The panelists helped the students realize that the apprehension that comes with being a college student is normal and will only lessen once the students have more experience under their belts. With advice ranging from overcoming procrastination to the importance of delving deep into one’s passions, the professors left the group with valuable words of wisdom to help ease the stress that surrounds the road to success.

The Public Health Club would like to express their gratitude to all of the faculty members who enlightened the audience with stories of their undergraduate experiences.

This article was prepared with the help of Public Health Club Treasurer Natasha Merchant and Secretary Jyothi Sarabu.