Pilsner Lab Alumna Featured on UMass Website

Allyson Rosati and Richard Pilsner

Allyson Rosati (left) and Richard Pilsner after she received 
the 2019 Rising Researcher Award

December 3, 2020

Recent UMass Amherst graduate Allyson Rosati ’19, ’20G is profiled in a feature story appearing now on the UMass homepage. The article highlights Rosati's remarkable success as an undergraduate researcher in the environmental epigenetics lab of Associate Professor Richard Pilsner. Rosati was lead author of groundbreaking research published in the November 2020 issue of the journal Human Reproduction. Her co-authors include Pilsner and Associate Professor of Epidemiology Brian Whitcomb.

A double-major in Spanish and biochemistry and molecular biology, Rosati joined the Pilsner Lab as a sophomore. As a senior, she received a UMass Rising Researcher award, and this past spring she completed a master’s degree in the Molecular and Cellular Biology graduate program. 

The feature notes how very rare it is for an undergraduate to publish research as the lead author in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Rosati accomplished this and more after her research team identified a biomarker in sperm DNA that may predict male reproductive health and refine the diagnosis of male infertility. 

 “It’s wonderful to witness the growth of students’ scientific curiosity and their independence as researchers, and Allyson is a perfect example,” Pilsner says. “Her success exemplifies the high-caliber undergraduate students enrolled in the CHC program and other majors, and she was able to seamlessly transition into graduate studies in one of the 4 + 1 programs on campus.”

Read the full feature story here.