Peltier Discusses Sources of Air Pollution on WGBY’s Connecting Point

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Richard Peltier

Richard E. Peltier

January 30, 2020

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Richard E. Peltier was recently interviewed on WGBY’s Connecting Point about air quality in the region and what contributes to various forms of pollution.

The interview was conducted in response to an article published in the New York Times reporting high pollution levels in the Pioneer Valley.

“We have two issues in Western Massachusetts,” says Peltier. “One, we have sources like cars and trucks and wood smoke but we also are subjected to pollutants from up-wind sources. Unfortunately the northeastern part of the United States is known as the tail-pipe of America, because a lot of the pollutants that are generated in the eastern half of the country exit through the northeast.”

Watch the full interview here.