Peltier comments on industry-funded study of chemical emissions in Chicago Tribune

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Richard Peltier

Richard Peltier

January 23, 2019

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Richard Peltier recently rebuked a study funded by members of the chemical and sterilization industry in a feature story appearing in the Chicago Tribune. The article examines industry efforts to thwart ethylene oxide emission regulations at a pair of Illinois industrial plants. State regulators estimated that people living within a mile of the facility could end up breathing the highly toxic gas at concentrations 14 times higher than studies suggested was safe.

“They just made stuff up,” Peltier commented after reviewing the industry-funded study. “It’s another attempt to throw mud on the wall to see if it will stick.”

Peltier says the methodology of the study appears to be designed to produce the results the industry wanted, noting that they ignored research on low-level exposures to animals and based their conclusion on industrial workers who are generally healthier than the general population.

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