Peltier Among Concerned Scientists Objecting to the EPA’s Dismissal of Scientific Review Panel

University of Massachusetts Environmental Health Sciences faculty Richard Peltier

Richard Peltier

December 17, 2018

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences Richard Peltier is among more than 200 scientists who have written a letter expressing concern about the US Environmental Protection Agency’s recent dismissal of its particulate matter review panel, a group of experts who have provided vital input into EPA’s particulate standard updates since they began more than a decade ago.

“As professional scientists and engineers, we strongly object to sidelining science in this decision-making process,” they write. “We strongly urge you to reinstate the Particulate Matter Review Panel to provide the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as your agency, with the best-possible scientific understanding.”

“Science is an objective search for truth. When it is used to protect public health, it benefits everyone. When science is ignored, it is the public that is harmed,” said Peltier, an expert on particulate matter and its impact on human health who led the letter.

The Union of Concerned Scientists delivered the rebuke to the EPA and had it read into the public record at a meeting held in Washington DC on December 12, 2018.

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