Mullany, Public Health Sciences Undergraduates Examine Intimate Partner Violence and Rurality on Indigo Radio

Health Promotion and Policy graduate student Anna Mullany

Anna Mullany in her home studio

May 24, 2021

Health Promotion and Policy doctoral student Anna Mullany recently hosted a radio program examining intimate partner violence and rurality with five undergraduate public health sciences students as part of her weekly show on Brattleboro Community Radio WVEW-LP 107.7 FM.

Joining the program were students Aimee Styklunas, Siobhan O'Reilly, Elizabeth Chao, Suepriya Adhikari and Jackie Raguso, all of whom were enrolled in an Independent Study course on "Rural Violence and Institutional Ethnography" taught by Mullany. The students talked about their learnings this semester around the nuances of intimate partner violence, ethnographic research, the toll abuse and social stigmatization have on women's overall wellbeing, and thoughts on how we must do better.

Listen to the program here.

Mullany is a member of Indigo Radio and lives in Brattleboro, VT. She regularly examines public health topics on her program.