LaBranche and Miller weigh in on winter exercise trends in Daily Hampshire Gazette article

Mark Miller | Judith LaBranche

January 23, 2018

The Kinesiology Department’s Judith LaBranche and Mark Miller were featured in a Daily Hampshire Gazette article exploring seniors’ winter fitness routines. The story explores the effects winter months have on older New Englanders’ motivation to exercise and Miller’s research into what kinds of exercises are best for different people as they age.

“People feel more down in the winter because you don’t have as much exposure to the sun, but we can combat that by moving,” LaBranche says.

Miller, who recently received a $2.4 million NIH grant to study how the muscles in older people respond to various training programs, says he is looking for the best training program for older adults. He hypothesizes that resistance training will be more beneficial to men, and power training will be more beneficial to women, but emphasized that any form of exercise is good for you.

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