Kinesiology alumna Brittany Daveau ’13 shares real-world wisdom with undergrads

Brittany Daveau ’13

January 12, 2018

Kinesiology alumna Brittany Daveau ’13 recently joined Applying Concepts to Real-World Health Challenges as a guest speaker, sharing her real-world experiences with a class of junior kinesiology students. The integrative experience course is rooted in community service and applying ways to give back to the UMass and greater Amherst community. Daveau was invited by Senior Lecturer Eliza Frechette for her willingness to mentor younger, developing students.

After graduating in 2013, Daveau enrolled at Baypath University, where she earned a Master of Occupational Therapy (OT) degree. She decided to stay in the Bay State, securing a job on the Neurology floor as an OT at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Center in Worcester.

Daveau credits UMass as one of the accelerants to her career. “The Kin department prepared me for graduate school,” she states. “The intensity and pace of my undergraduate program made me learn time management and helped me learn how to get involved.”

During her talk, Daveau encouraged students to look into occupational therapy as a potential career path, describing it as a means to “bringing function back into patients’ lives.” On the Neurology floor, she has worked with patients with MS, ALS, stroke victims, and patients who’ve undergone hip replacement surgery and who’ve been involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Being an OT is a rewarding job, she says. “The best thing about my job [is] when someone comes in non-ambulatory, and leaves able to walk.”