Carbone delivers health literacy lectures in the United Kingdom

University of Massachusetts Nutrition faculty Elena Carbone

Elena Carbone

April 27, 2018

Elena Carbone, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Founding Director of the Community-Engaged Research Program at the Commonwealth Honors College, recently presented results of her team's work at invited talks at the University of Sheffield England and at the 5th Health Literacy UK Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In her presentation, titled "Improving Maternal Health Literacy and Empowerment in the United States and Ghana: Results of a Scoping Review," Carbone discussed the fact that research on maternal health literacy is scant in the U.S. and nearly non-existent in Ghana. Results of the scoping review indicate that most research in the field has focused on low health-related literacy in mothers (not maternal health literacy) and efforts to simplify information or improve its delivery rather than focusing on the communication and use of the information. In addition, most work has been carried out in clinical settings.

Results of this scoping review have been submitted for publication and will serve as the foundation for pilot work in several countries. A global systematic review will also be conducted.

This work is part of MPower: Empowering Mothers for Health, a Research Development Fund grant provided by the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) to collaborate with colleagues in Ghana, Australia, England and the U.S. to conduct maternal health literacy research.

More information about her grant may be found at: